Hello, I’m Dunk Dinkle and I’m running for CSM 14.

You may know me from my videos, articles, talks at FanFest and EVE Vegas, and numerous appearances on podcasts and livestreams.

But if you don’t, let me introduce myself.

I have been playing MMORPGs for 20+ years and EVE Online for 10+ years. 

Within EVE, I’ve been a high sec mission runner, a faction warfare pilot, and a null sec hobo.  I’ve flown in every type of combat from high sec war decs to faction warfare to large sub-capital fleet action to capitals (old and new) to super-capital Ti-Di fests to wormhole secret sex parties. 

I do significant amounts of industry going from raw asteroid and moon ore to Tech 2 ships, components, a mostly anything I can get a blueprint for. I’ve built every type of structure, from Raitarus to Keepstars.  Besides building structures, I’ve anchored them, armed them, fueled them, defended them, and killed them.

I’ve dabbled in the world of spreadsheets, feeling the pleasure and the pain of the ESI interface.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to several EVE meetups, Fanfests, and EVE Vegas, meeting hundreds of players, listening to their ideas, giving hugs, and making real friendships that cross in-game rivalries.

Lastly, I also like to make fun videos and not take everything too seriously.

Regarding the CSM, my platform is simple:

EVE Online should be Fun to Start, Challenging to Play, and Difficult to Master.

The role of the CSM is not to be a game designer.  It is to be a conduit for players to CCP and a sounding board for the Dev Team. 

Anyone promising a specific idea they will change in the game simply doesn’t understand what the CSM actually does.

I am not a single issue candidate.  I am looking to represent all EVE players and playstyles.

During the campaign I look forward to listening to what players have to say, answering questions, and gaining your trust and confidence. 

More to come, stay tuned.