Lychton Kondur

Lychton Kondur was a force of nature.

Sometimes a powerful wind to push you out of the doldrums forward. Sometimes a hurricane that smashed your ships to bits against the rocks.  Always a constant force that brought some well needed chaos to New Eden.

Lychton was an Army Ranger, serving combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, who always led the way.

Helping to found Brave Newbies, literally on the first day of it’s existence, he helped set the tone for not just Brave, but for an entire generation of EVE players, who stopped worrying so much about killboards and started to focus more on having fun.

A tumultuous tenure as CEO saw amazing twists and turns, from the creation of an entirely new coalition to an infamous coup. Life with Lychton was never dull.  He brought a joie de vivre to the game that is hard to describe.  An infectious enthusiasm for simply going out and doing things, foolhardy or not.

He relentlessly worked to make life in New Eden better for the newer players.  During the coup, when people in Brave were picking sides, he messaged me “We need to hold it together for the newbies.  They don’t have anywhere else to go.” 

When a bit of stability was needed more than chaos, he handed off Brave to Nancy Crow to lead.  But those that flew with him, will never forget his laugh and readiness for adventure.

For those that never had the pleasure of knowing Lychton, here he is, speaking at Fanfest.

May his lust for life live on among all of use who knew him and were influenced by his work.